The Atlanta Senior Resources Directory is the most comprehensive, fully researched and human-verified senior guide in the Metro Atlanta area. Provided free of charge to the public and professionals alike, it is filled with extensive resources useful to Atlanta area seniors, their families and caregivers. Some of the senior information resources are: Atlanta senior housing, Atlanta retirement living, Atlanta assisted living and personal care homes, Atlanta nursing homes, Atlanta hospice care, Atlanta in-patient hospice, Atlanta senior health care, Atlanta Alzheimer's and memory care, Atlanta home health care, Atlanta private home care, Metro Atlanta hospitals, classes, senior activities, adult day care, assistance, referral services, and much more.

Five Atlanta editions cover 12 counties: Cobb County, Cherokee County, Fulton County, DeKalb County, Gwinnett County, Hall County, Forsyth County, Douglas County, Fayette County, Clayton County, Henry County and Rockdale County. Additional Atlanta area counties covered by this website are: Banks County, Barrow County, Bartow County, Butts County, Carroll County, Clarke County, Coweta County, Dawson County, Floyd County, Gilmer County, Gordon County, Haralson County, Jackson County, Jasper County, Lumpkin County, Morgan County, Newton County, Oconee County, Paulding County, Pickens County, Polk County, Spalding County and Walton County.

About Us

The History of the Senior Resources Directory

by Sunny Aasgaard

The idea and general format of the Directory came from my college buddy, Chappy. We both attended GSU and she moved to Oregon over 20 years ago. In the spring of 2001, she sent me what she was doing and said that, if I wanted to bring it to Atlanta, she'd help me. She told me how important the directories were and how grateful people are for them ~ what a good thing I'd be doing. Well, her little book sat on my desk for almost a year. After all, since I knew absolutely nothing about the senior market, I didn't pay it much attention.

On February 1st, 2002, I made some exploratory phone calls and heard how needed this service really was. I then spent the next two weeks performing extensive research, having meetings with organizations that were senior-focused, such as the ARC and Senior Connections, and interviewing seniors themselves. (One can learn a LOT from those who have been around longer.)

I knew my past experience would serve me well and I decided to give it a shot. After all, it was just a little book. I had certainly done far larger projects. What I didn't realize was what a mountainous task it would be ... and that was for only one book! SO much research. SO many details. (Read The Process below.)

I picked every inch of Chappy's brain and followed her advice to a Tee. After all, she had a working model for 5 years. Since I knew nothing of the senior market, my learning curve was quite steep. "Tell me again ... what is the difference between 'respite' and 'hospice'? Where do I FIND all of this information? I have to call every single one of these places and talk with a what?"

To my great surprise, the first book (DeKalb County) was an instant hit. Due to the great demand, we now have 5 editions covering 12 Metro Atlanta counties.

Today, hundreds of thousands of Atlantans depend upon this important community service.

It really is all about helping others.


The Prime Directive of the Senior Resources Directory is to be helpful to the USERS of the Directory.


About half the calls we get are from the children and families of seniors. The other half is divided between seniors and those who serve seniors. Roughly 75% of those who use the Directory are under 65. (Read some Testimonials.)


Attention to detail, no excuses, on every level:

Research ~ We hunt for as many independent, governmental and regulatory sources as we can find, cross-referencing the data and collecting it onto spreadsheets for verification.

Fact Checking ~ We Human-Verify ~ Every Single Listing, in Every Single Edition, Every Single Year, requiring nearly 3000 calls!

Ad Creation ~ We offer highly qualified creative assistance to those sponsors who wish it. Not only do we assist with the "look & feel" of an ad, but we help "think" it. An Effective message is one that creates a 'gut' response, motivating one to Call.

Production ~ Each page of each edition is meticulously laid out, with easy readership and simple navigation in mind.

Proofing ~ Hundreds of hours are spent proofing each letter, word, comma, code on each page of each edition.

Paper Selection ~ The shiny, thin paper most often used in publications is fairly inexpensive, compared to what we use. We could get by with this, but instead, we pay extra to have a #1 grade, 60-lb., coated, matte enamel ~ #1 for whiteness; 60-lb. for easier page turning; clay-coated so the ink stands up, which gives the densest colors and sharpest results; and, matte, so the page doesn't reflect and is easier on the eyes.

Printing ~ To have the books "feel" good, and can stand up under a lot of usage over a year's period, we go to the added expense of having separate, thicker covers. Magazines usually have "self-covers", which is economical because it is a one-step process where the cover is made of the same paper as the text pages. (Magazines aren't as sturdy as the Directory, but they don't have to be.)

We pay for a two-step printing and bindery process. We run the text pages on a 150-line hot web press and the covers on a 300-line sheet-fed press and bind them together. Pre-press and both kinds of presses all use the latest technology.
     In addition, we add the '5th color' to the covers – a glossy UV coating for that tactile pleasure. Also, just for me, the printer hunted and found a UV that is 'writable' – since this is an important part of our Cold Calling Recipe.

Bindery ~ Coming off the web press, the 16-page 'signatures' are folded, put together, sorted. The covers are usually printed first, as they need more drying time. Then they are trimmed, and coupled with the text pages, stiched, and the final trim. Then, the books are packaged into labeled boxes of 50 and 100 books each. It was determined that this Extra effort and cost for smaller boxes is what Case Managers prefer. 


(1) We know of no other publication that calls each one of its distribution points, prior to delivery (hospitals, nursing homes, and senior centers in all 12 counties) to help them determine their needs, and to insure they only order that which they can promise to put to good use.

(2) We know of no other resource that expends the time and effort to educate case managers – face-to-face – about all the Many features of the Directory. We do all this because – once case managers realize What they now have – they get excited.

(3) The Books save case managers TIME – since they now have a credible and easy reference right in their Hands. Plus, they feel safe and Good about giving something of Real Value to their patients. Some call it their "senior bible".

Many discharge planners add it to 'exit packages' – as the Directory is the Only publication out there that qualifies to be used for Medicare compliance.

Why ALL this effort?  As I see it, 'excellence' does not cut corners on any level.
To do so would be 'a form of dishonesty'.

Another WHY – is so the books are fully utilized and won't be wasted. The Books do No One Good – neither the Users, nor the Sponsors – if they are not in use. They are entirely too expensive and far too valuable to be stuck in a closet. If we find that this has happened, the next supply will be much smaller. We keep records!


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