Seniors in Atlanta seeking a healthier diet should consider a health food store such as GNC or even Whole Foods. However, seniors in Atlanta are advised to educate themselves about the different health foods before buying unknown items or even items they're vaguely familiar with. Just because you like what what you read doesn't mean that the item is suitable for you. Health food stores have many products and it's very important that seniors in Atlanta learn as much as possible about items such as herbs, organic foods, supplements, vitamins and minerals before purchasing them. Forming a good relationship with the owner of the health food store would be helpful for seniors to understand various products and how they might helpful, or even harmful.

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As conscientious as we may be, rarely do we get all the nutrients we need. Attention to your body's chemistry is paramount.* Sometimes, it is good to supplement our food intake. For this, again, it is best to do your homework. Read independent studies. Ask others for their experiences. Get the most "bio-available" supplements you can find. Get "standardized" supplements. Avoid buying "one pill does everything" products. Pills that have many different ingredients in them may have one ingredient that doesn't agree with you, but how could you know which one it was?

Going to a "health food" store that has been around for at least a decade with the same owners is best. Only go to a vitamin chain store or drug store if you are well educated. The good health food stores usually have hundreds of customers. Their customers are telling the owners what works well and what doesn't. While not "scientific", this reporting gives the owners a wealth of information they can share with you.

Bottom line: Only YOU are responsible for your well-being. Listen to your doctor, but listen to yourself better. Only YOU live in your body.

*Whenever you get blood work done, make sure you take home a copy of the report. Keep each copy in a safe place and compare them to keep track of what your body is doing. Understand what each chemical means.

NOTE: If you would like to see a selection of HEALTH FOOD STORES included on this page, please send us an email and include what part of Atlanta, or what city, you are near. We'll see what we can do.

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