The Atlanta Senior Resources Directory is the most comprehensive, fully researched and human-verified senior guide in the Metro Atlanta area. Provided free of charge to the public and professionals alike, it is filled with extensive resources useful to Atlanta area seniors, their families and caregivers. Some of the senior information resources are: Atlanta senior housing, Atlanta retirement living, Atlanta assisted living and personal care homes, Atlanta nursing homes, Atlanta hospice care, Atlanta in-patient hospice, Atlanta senior health care, Atlanta Alzheimer's and memory care, Atlanta home health care, Atlanta private home care, Metro Atlanta hospitals, classes, senior activities, adult day care, assistance, referral services, and much more.

Five Atlanta editions cover 12 counties: Cobb County, Cherokee County, Fulton County, DeKalb County, Gwinnett County, Hall County, Forsyth County, Douglas County, Fayette County, Clayton County, Henry County and Rockdale County. Additional Atlanta area counties covered by this website are: Banks County, Barrow County, Bartow County, Butts County, Carroll County, Clarke County, Coweta County, Dawson County, Floyd County, Gilmer County, Gordon County, Haralson County, Jackson County, Jasper County, Lumpkin County, Morgan County, Newton County, Oconee County, Paulding County, Pickens County, Polk County, Spalding County and Walton County.

Read what the Directory means to people.

Below is a sampling of the calls, voicemails and emails we get weekly.
  ❤️ In a nut shell, this is what keeps us going.

"Fabulous book! And I love your website, too. It is super easy to use. Love the FUN STUFF, too." Margaret W.

“Love your quotes. This is FULL of good ideas. No need to call back. I’m just encouraging you to keep up the good work and good information you are giving us. This directory is wonderful.” —Eva R.

“I see your books at Emory, in a display in the lobby. That is impressive. Emory does not allow any promotional materials. I know yours is not that.” —S. Frank, Peachford Behavioral Hospital

"In my mailbox this morning I found a precious gift, the 'Senior Bible'. I read all the way through it, twice! I've been thinking about moving out of this big house, and wondering about my options. This came at just the right time." --Toledia D., retired U.S. Marketing Manager for Avon

“Thank you for taking the time to answer my home care questions and for putting together your “life saving” directory. Not only am I going to keep a copy for me; I am going to share it with my mom’s primary care doctor (every doctor’s office ought to have a copy); I’m going to mention to the deacons at my church who should be aware of this great informational document for the community; and anybody else who ever asks me!” --Gloria B., seeking a 'buddy' for her mom.

“What you do is so appreciated by all of us. The hospital keeps all these lists, but they are not verified. It is amazing the work you do. We all depend upon it.” —Rebecca H., Specialty Director, St. Joseph’s Hospital

“My husband received a Senior booklet in the mail yesterday and, yes, it did bring a smile on our faces — and  we need some information for his mom who is 91.” — Harry & Sandra S.

“The first time I got the Directory (10 years ago?) I read through the entire thing. My books are flagged, color-coded, highlighted, dog-eared, written in. When anyone needs anything, boom!, I have it right there. I use the Level of Care chart all the time. It’s so easy for patients to understand. I deal with people of all economic levels and they ALL are so very thankful for this book. You’ve helped thousands and thousands. We love you for doing this. You are the” —Tamela L., Parkside Nursing & Rehab

"The doctor who runs this office came in with the little book this morning. This is awesome. Could we get some? This would help our seniors so much, and help us, too. All these numbers are awesome." --Amy B., Adult Neurology of North Atlanta

"I just wanted to tell you that I love your website. It's so easy and looks so nice."
--Margery K., Case Manager, Adult Protective Services, GA DHR, Division of Aging

“I received this wonderful book in the mail. I’ve never seen it before! I’ve even kept the envelope. What strong testimonials!” —Sandra H. 70, Realtor, Keller Williams

"I want to commend you for your Senior Resource. My husband has been ill for over a year and I've been in and out of so many hospitals and nursing homes and your books are always there. I just wanted to compliment you." --Jamalyn C.

“Just wanted you to know that this book is such a blessing, not only to me, but to everyone else. They are just so pretty and bright and so easy to see and use and filled with so many numbers. I go hunting for them every year. Don’t ever quit. Honestly, it’s such a help.”  --Becky R., Woodstock, retired caseworker

“I feel no need to advertise with anyone else. I get a ton of exposure from the book and the website. As long as you keep doing this, I’ll keep sponsoring.” --Karen A., Atlanta Senior Assistant

“We get a LOT of calls from our ads in the Directory. We want to make sure we STAY in them!”  --Donna, Seniors Helping Seniors

“This is THE best Directory I have EVER seen. It is SO good.”  --Connie K., Retired Cobb County Educators, Librarian (she knows research)

“You probably already know this, but these books are so popular. They have loads of information in them, information that you can’t even think where to find it. Our social worker doesn’t even want me to order New Lifestyles. You’re doing a great job, girl.”  --Jan M., WellStar Home Health

"The directory itself, along with the very comprehensive website, are truly the most used daily resources that we have to help provide information to our seniors."
--Donna G., Forsyth County Senior Services

"I give people the books when they leave, and they call me back and thank me! These are the best ever." --Jan M., WellStar Home Health

"I prefer using these books because they're so much easier to read and follow. You just go down and, boom, you're there. You wouldn't believe how many compliments I get on the books from our patients and families. They'll even come back and ask me if they can get one for a friend. These are so wonderful."
--Aileen W., Golden Living Center, Kennesaw

"I was Googling for senior information and found you. This is exactly what I needed. Both my mom and grandmother (76) live with me. We're very close. I can't wait to tell my mom what I found." --Charmelle S., daughter and granddaughter

"We need more books. People are just banging down our doors for them. They are so wonderful." --Leah V., DeKalb Medical Center's Senior Spectrum Program

"I wish I could trade in these New Lifestyle Magazines for the Senior Resources Directory. It's just a wonderful publication. I have people asking for them every day. Can you get us more?" --Linda M., Dorothy C. Benson Center

"This booklet and the website are full of wonderful, helpful information. I spent DAYS online and came to a dead end looking for all the info I would like to have. Then I walked into the Buford Senior Center and they gave me this little book and there was all the information I was looking for. I went to your website and found even more information. This is my first time looking for this type of information and do appreciate all the work you have done to produce this booklet." --Dee T.

"I give out these books all the time. Just yesterday, this man called to thank me for giving him the book. He went on and on that it was the best resource ever, that it was awesome." --Mimi M., Highland Manor Senior Apartments

"I just wanted to tell you that I love your website. It's so easy and looks so nice."
--Margery K., Case Manager, Adult Protective Services, GA DHR, Division of Aging

"The patients just LOVE these books, and they don't lose them. You know, they lose a piece of paper and cards, but they don't lose this book. They are so excited to get it, saying 'Oh, that book with the flower on it?'."
--Joanna B., SW, Central Home Health, an Amedisys Company

"These are so helpful. My book is 2 years old, but I still use it. Everything is so nice. Thank you." --Mercedes, 67, called to get updated book.

"Sunny, I am so happy to have met you and know the work that has been put into the birth and growth of the SRD. Kudos for a job beyond jobs. The directory has been a great asset to the Seniors and many families of our community. Thank you."
--Linda S., Forsyth Senior Services

"Could we get some more books? People are asking for them. We have plenty of the other books, but this is the one we hand out. It has so much helpful information."
--Dee M., Dorothy C. Benson Senior Center

"I saw a book in my cancer doctor's office and thought it was great. They called my name and, when I got back out from my appointment, it was gone and the receptionist said they didn't have any more. That's why I'm calling you."
--Chrissie R., resident of Helenic Towers

"I called directory assistance and they gave me a number, which just rang and rang. Then I found my SRD and called the number in it, which was different, and got someone right away." --Lucille B.

"This is such a wonderful piece of material. It's easy on the eyes. The print is wonderful. I can read it. Honey, you do a good job." --Pearl B.

"My people are clamoring for these things! Your spirit is so uplifting!!!!"
--Francine O., Admin. Asst., Providence Missionary Baptist Church

"Again, thanks for your help. You were a ray of "Sunny-shine" in the wee-wee hours of the night. :-D." --Melanie S., RN. Clinical Nurse Manager, CareSouth Homecare

"Compliments to the Resource Directory publisher. I think this is an outstanding work that I'm looking at. I really think it is outstandingly well done." --Joy W.

"Know that you have an impact on this world. Thanks for all you do to make the Senior Resource Directory possible and think of the thousands of lives you touch through your work. It is awesome! You are awesome." --Tom R.

"This is really a good service. I tell people, 'Look at this' and they all say, 'Wow, this is really good', but you know that. Once people get their hands on it, they just love it, as you know, and I do, too." --Ellie G., St. Luke's Presbyterian Church

"I appreciate this book so much. It's been SO helpful. So, thank you. Continue to keep up the good work." --Mrs. Marshall, Lithonia

"You should feel really good that we get so jazzed about your books. They really are the best. They make such a difference to our patients, and to us. The Quick Guide is my favorite." --Christy W., SW Supervisor, Wesley Woods Hospital

"The books are just a huge help to our seniors and to us as well!!! Thank you for all you do to put this publication out to everyone. We so appreciate it."
--Leslie P., Senior Center Programs, Snellville

"You don't KNOW how these patients love this book. This one lady had a 2008 copy and said she didn't know where to get a new one. When I brought out the new one, she started clapping!" --Jackie F., SW, Gentiva Home Health

"Sunny, Thank you for donating 100 copies of Cobb/Cherokee Senior Resource Directory to Due West United Methodist Church and its Alzheimer's/dementia Support Group. The work you do is a great help to our caregivers."
--Sheila W., Speaker, Dementia Caregiving Issues

"When I found these books at the VA, I was thrilled. This book is from heaven. They're sooo amazing." --Sasha, Grad Student, working on her thesis, giving seminars to social workers.

"You do such a good job and these seniors really depend on this book. I get calls all the time from people wanting updated copies. They come by and I must mail out ten a week!" --Charlotte, Secretary, Senior Connections

"I got your number from 211." --Rosalyn C., looking for affordable housing

"People LOVE these things ­ so concise ­ just what they need. All the field people LOVE them ­ and that's where the rubber hits the road."
--Rick H., Physical Therapist for several Home Health Agencies

"Oh, I was confusing you with New Lifestyles. We're in desperate need of YOUR books." --Beth, Case Management, Southern Regional Hospital

"These are the very, very, very best directories. Easy to follow the headlines through the book. So much information. So easy to use." --Missy W., Vinings

"I'm just thrilled to have this - ­ all the numbers you can see in bold writing that you can SEE without going to the Yellow Pages. I may just throw out my Yellow Pages. These directories, to me, are a blessing." --Gloria D., a very active senior

"My boss brought this into the office excited about what she had found. This is just like cake to us." --Bonni B., GA Dept of Aging. She said they get from150-300 calls a month from people wanting to move here or to move parents here.

"People are hungry for this kind of information." --Sandra R., Newton County

"This book is incredible, so many nuggets in here. It touches the whole life."
--Ann H., PCA of DEK

"Very, very, very informative."
--Arline B., 92 years young, 16-year resident of Campbell Stone

"It's awesome. I'm very impressed." --Sherry D., Emory Healthcare

"I have the DeKalb 2002-2003 book and was wondering if there was a newer one. My friend was needing transportation and I said, 'Wait a minute, I've got this book', and I looked for the daises and found it right away." --Dorothy B., Lithonia

"For the PEOPLE, it's just ideal and, for the Social Worker, it's a dream come true."
--Edna B., Social Worker for several Home Health Agencies. Found in patient's home.

"I call it my 'Senior Bible'. It has everything."
--Bridgette J., Social Worker, Gwinnett Medical Center.

"My wife died this past year and the hospice sent me this directory. It is exactly what I need. It has all KINDS of stuff in it." --David C.

"When my husband was ill, I would run to that book whenever I needed help."
-- Susan G., resident of Roswell Orchards. She makes sure her community has the books every year.

"You've done a very good job. Thank you."
--Virginia B., Pres. of the Sunshine Club of Crestview Baptist Church

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work. I just fell in love with this little book." --Lynn T.

"I have a copy that dates back to 2002 and I was wondering if I might get an updated copy. I have a special pocket for it on the side of my refrigerator, because I knew that somewhere in it there would be something helpful when I needed it, at least a starting point. It's that great of a publication ~ and that's saying an awfully lot this day in age. Plus, it's idiot proof. You do a wonderful job and it is so appreciated." --Julia G., 37-year "Vintage" Flight Attendant for Northwest Airlines

"Last year, my mother got one when she was discharged from Kennestone Hospital and they didn't give my aunt one this year. You know, these things are just good to have. They have so much information in them." --LaDonna of Woodstock

"Ooo, ooo, ooo! People have been asking about those! It was on my list to see how we could get more of those. Oh, yum, yum."
--Cherri S., Helene S. Mills Multi-purpose Senior Center

"God sure blessed us seniors to have you do this. This is just a wonderful little book. You organized it VERY well. It's so easy to use."
--Martha W. She has the very first book (DeKalb 02-03). A neighbor gave it to her way back. She was looking for her cousin, who is wheelchair bound.

"I was so thrilled with your directory, but it's not mine and I want one."
--"Dixie" M., Chamblee. Just had a knee replaced in September

"I want to commend you for your Senior Resource. My husband has been ill for over a year and I've been in and out of so many hospitals and nursing homes and your books are always there. I just wanted to compliment you." --Jamalyn C.

"They are hugely helpful. When we give them to the families, they are so grateful. Y'all do an amazing job." --Margaret W-M., Atlanta Hand & Micro Surgery

"I am writing to request another box of directories. I LOVE these things!!! I have distributed all of the last box. I do need some as soon as I can get my hands on them. They are great tools in my marketing efforts and people love them so much."
--Beverly V., Marketing Director, Golden Crest Senior Living

"It's such a great resource. I get many calls from people who need to find help for an elderly relative or friend and are clueless about what is available. I'm glad to have my own supply. I used to have to "share" with Adult Protective Services! Thanks!" --Mary J., Cobb County DFCS

"This book is just wonderful. It's got an abundance of numbers. Even the numbers I've looked up before are all right in here."
--Tina S., daughter of ailing 62-yr-old mother at Joan Glancy Rehab.

"I only keep a few items in the waiting room and the few directories are rapidly disappearing. Would you please send more?" --Sandy, office of Dr. David H., Marietta

"I have delivered Meals on Wheels for 21 years in Douglasville. I picked up several of these Senior Resources Directories and they are the best things I've ever seen. I've already passed out a few. The Senior Center has plenty. The people that compiled this did a terrific job and I just wanted to let you know. Thank you and I appreciate it. I'm a senior myself. 80 years old and I'm going to keep one myself. Thank you."
--Jean W., Douglasville

"I love your format. It's so easy and has helped me greatly over the years. Your book is the most superior one I've seen yet. Thank you."
--JoAnne W., looking for services to bring her 90-year-old mother to Atlanta

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