As we age, our nutritional needs change and food preparation becomes even more important. Seniors in Atlanta must have an adequate intake of nutrients to make up for a decrease in activity levels and energy. Assessing the diet for seniors in Atlanta is very important and food preparation should consider dietary needs for seniors. When considering food preparation, seniors in Atlanta who can't chew well should consider eating fresh fruit, raw vegetables, meat, and sliced bread. When seniors in Atlanta have an upset stomach nutritionists suggest drinking milk, eating vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and fresh fruit. Many nutritionists also suggest eating many different colors and types of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, small amounts of foods high in sugar, solid fats and oil and staying away from empty calories such as chips, cookies, alcohol and sodas. There's a lot of valuable nutritional information available for seniors in Atlanta to consider when preparing food.

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You know it ~ good nutrition is critical to good health, as is exercise and sleep.

What IS good nutrition? Good nutrition is the high octane fuel that keeps our bodies running at their most efficient. Sometimes it is difficult to make sure we get the good nutrition we need. It's true, we are what we eat.

First of all, you should review the research others have done. There are hundreds of books available. Research several. Not only can you find what nutrition you should be ingesting, but you can find the system that works best for you and your lifestyle.

"Moderation" seems to be the key.

Avoiding fast foods and prepared foods with way too many ingredients in them is a good start. Shopping in the produce department and cooking at home is ideal. "Local" and "organic" produce is best, but you pay for that. But, what if you don't feel up to that?

OPTION 1 ~ Change you attitude about eating well. Get an "easy recipes" book. Pick one recipe and test drive it. Success will get you excited about making more. Watch cooking shows. (Everyday Food on PBS is all about simple and nutritious with easy clean up.) Make "dining" a fun event, even if it is only for yourself. You deserve it. Make sure you make plenty for easy leftovers. You could probably get by with cooking only 2-3 times a week that way!

Change your attitude about eating well. Light a candle. Start a "Dinner Gang" where each person cooks only one night a week. Remember to clean the kitchen after dining. You always want to enter an inviting kitchen, especially in the morning.

OPTION 2 ~ There are several choices for home delivery or pick-up of nutritious meals for those who don't have the motivation or energy to cook, or for those professionals who work all day with very little time to prepare nutritious meals for their families.

There are "stores" in which you go and prepare meals yourself, with professional guidance, and take them home to your refrigerator or freezer. Making your own "frozen food" insures you're not consuming extraneous chemicals. Most places also offer a service where THEY prepare the meals and you just pick them up. This can be a fun thing to do with your friends.

Whatever you do, make it a point to start eating better ~ and throw out all those old boxes of store-bought meals in your freezer!

If you would like to see a selection of FOOD PREPARATION PLACES included on this page, please send us an email and include what part of Atlanta, or what city, you are near. We'll see what we can do.

Thank you for contributing to the success of this important service.

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